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Why Natalie Zea Is Never Without K18 on the set of NBC’s ‘La

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Just because La Brea’s Natalie Zea’s character, Eve Harris, doesn’t totally call for a full-on glam moment—falling into a giant sinkhole and ending up back in 10,000 B.C. tends to do that—doesn’t mean beauty isn’t a big part of being on-set. As the popular show comes back for its sophomore year this Tuesday, 47-year-old Zea sat down to talk to us about what fans can expect, all the beauty “stuff” they use behind the scenes, and why her world is so filled with wellness.

What is wellness to you?

“I grew up in a family with nine chiropractors—both parents, both maternal grandparents, an uncle, a cousin and three stepdads—so I was ensconced in a sea of wellness, well before it became popular for the masses. For me, eating healthy, choosing natural remedies first, and maintaining physical strength and harmony have been ingrained in me since birth, so I guess what wellness means to me is continuing to use what I learned in childhood about how to maintain a healthy mind and body even when it feels like more work than I have the energy for!”

Is there anything “out there” you do for self-care, wellness, beauty?

“I finally got COVID back in June and didn’t really get the time off from work that I needed to recover. I got the really bad version—not the ‘it’s just a cold’ version— so I threw everything at it. I did IV vitamin infusions, Ayurvedic head massage, Shirodhara, acupuncture, which I do regularly anyway, and hyperbaric oxygen treatments. It took me about three-to-four weeks to recover, but once I was well, I was WELL. I can’t help but think all the voodoo worked!”

Is the any wellness trend you’ll never try?

“If it’s from the ground and doesn’t pose any real danger, I’m down. I haven’t tried everything, but I’m open to most of it.”

Sarah Enticknap/NBC

You’ve had a lot of notable roles—is there anything about the characters you’ve played that sticks out to you as it relates to beauty?

“It’s funny, anytime I play a character who is glamorous and dressed up, I yearn for jeans and a tee. And, then as soon as I get a casual character to play, all I want is to put on a pair of heels. I do enjoy getting to present the best physical version of myself through characters on screen, but it does take time in the hair and makeup chair and I really value my sleep, so it’s a real dilemma.”

Can you share any beauty products you use on La Brea?

“Our makeup team uses top-quality stuff. Chanel and Tom Ford and very high-end Australian brands. For my hair, we live for K18—it helps undo all the damage from the elements. The character may be a mess, but they always make sure she’s a pretty mess.”

What can fans expect as the season starts?

“Well, we pick up a day after you last see us all, so it’s really a continuation of the story we were telling last year, only 24 hours later. Hopefully, it’ll feel like no time has passed and everyone will be right back where they belong. In 10,000 BC!”

Ben King/NBC