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Where can you find a farmers market in CT?

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Bill Reid

In the previous ten years there has been a healthier “growing” in the number of farmers’ marketplaces all over the area. Throughout the place, through New England and below in The Last Environmentally friendly Valley, the number and wide variety of farmers’ marketplaces is a great addition to our source of nutritious food.

I am lucky my city of Putnam has a gorgeous farmers’ industry pavilion that hosts markets each individual 7 days. From May well to October, I am established for area farm fresh new solutions. At a farmers’ sector, you are going to surely find fresh veggies and fruits. Contemporary is the essential term right here since your purchase was possibly picked before that day. You are going to also discover locally raised meats as perfectly as maple syrup and honey, greenhouse goods, cheeses, jams and baked merchandise.

Compared to my visits to my community supermarket, I find it to be quite soothing to stop by a farmers’ current market. At the grocery store I know what I am going to obtain and where to locate it. For me it is about obtaining in, obtaining what I will need, finding a cashier with out also prolonged a line and getting out.

Bill Reid

The farmers’ market place is about discovery. I stroll the market place. I converse with the farmers (some of whom I know on a initial-title foundation), and I will usually obtain some thing sudden. I hold on the lookout for all those perfect plums – small gems of sweetness. Goat cheese is usually a go-to invest in for me and so is grass-fed beef and totally free-selection chicken. I hold a fantastic-measurement backyard, so I glance for items I really don’t improve at dwelling, these kinds of as onions and garlic, fingerling potatoes and the vegetable that claims summertime – sugary-sweet corn. When berry time comes, I stock up on blueberries and freeze many quarts for taking pleasure in throughout the yr.