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The process of inclusion or exclusion from the Scheduled

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GS paper 2

Syllabus: Parliament and state legislature-structure, operating and conduct of business, problems related to SC/ST and many others


Instructions: This is from the stated part of the Hindu. But we experienced previously accomplished the article on it on 15th September FFP. This will be just a revision.


Supply: The Hindu



  • The Union Cupboard authorized a proposal to incorporate quite a few tribes to the record of Scheduled Tribes (ST) in States so that they can avail of benefits meant for STs, together with reservation.


Tribes provided:

  • Hatti tribe (Trans-Giri location of Sirmour district in Himachal Pradesh)
  • Narikoravar(hill tribe of Tamil Nadu)
  • Kuruvikaran(hill tribe of Tamil Nadu)
  • Binjhia(Chhattisgarh)


Course of action to include things like or eliminate tribes from the listing:

  • Article content 341 and 342: The remaining conclusion rests with the President’s business issuing a notification specifying the modifications.

What are the requirements:

  • Ethnological qualities
  • Regular attributes
  • Exclusive tradition
  • Geographical isolation
  • Backwardness


Supreme Court docket on tribal inclusion:

  • Affinity test to backlink a individual to a tribe: There is the probability that get in touch with with other cultures, migration and modernisation would have erased the conventional attributes of a tribe.


How many Scheduled Tribes are there formally?

  • Census 2011:
    • There are said to be 705 ethnic teams shown as Scheduled Tribes under Posting 342.
    • More than 10 crore Indians are notified as STs.
    • The STs represent 8.6(8 issue 6)% of the populace and 11.3(eleven issue a few)% of the rural inhabitants.



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Troubles connected to SC/ST


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Q. What are the two main lawful initiatives by the Point out considering the fact that Independence addressing discrimination towards Scheduled Tribes (STs)? (UPSC 2017)


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Article 342

Tribes below short article 342

With reference to tribes and their geographical site, look at the following pairs:

  1. Hatti tribe       Chhattisgarh
  2. Narikoravar    Himachal Pradesh
  3. Kuruvikaran   Tamil Nadu

Which of the subsequent pairs is/are appropriately matched?

a.1 and 2 only

b. 3 only

c. 1 and 3 only

d. 1, 2 and 3

Ans: (b)


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