August 15, 2022

Healty Care

The Healthy Lovers

Phillipston seniors give advice for healthy living and long

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In May, we attended the birthday celebrations for three 90-year-olds. All live in Phillipston. All are healthy, independent, live in their own homes, still drive, enjoy full lives … and each one had special birthday experiences.

  • Tony Wagner energetically danced the polka, the music of his Polish heritage.
  • Betty Davidson was escorted to her party in a police cruiser.
  • Gerry Gariepy reminisced with two longtime friends.

Do they attribute their long life spans to genetics, diet, good health care, vocations, religion, hobbies or their place of residence?

Genetics does not necessarily play a role. Tony’s parents died in their 60s and 70s. Betty’s parents lived long lives into their 80s, but she is the first one to live to be 90. Gerry’s parents died in their 60s and 70s, before good heart treatments were available.

Three nonagenarians: Tony Wagner, Betty Davidson and Gerry Gariepy.

Diet has not been a big factor with these folks, however; they eat well and none of them are overweight. Tony doesn’t follow a strict diet but, he said, “I am careful to keep my weight down. I do a lot of physical activity and eat nutritious meals.”

Betty said, “I didn’t live to be this old eating healthy. Don’t try to make me start now.”