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How is your sauna bench height? Put two fists over your head

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That is proper, set two fists over your head, and that is how you know if your sauna benches are the correct top. Can you touch the ceiling whilst on the higher bench?

If certainly:

Your sauna is on the street to currently being a excellent sauna.

If no:

Take 3 Wim Hof breaths, then take into account restructuring the benches. If in a well being club or lodge sauna: duplicate paste this hyperlink and send to the Director of Functions.

Ideally, want to healthy two fists around our head to the ceiling though sitting down on the higher bench.

Why is it that many who create saunas really don’t follow this very simple rule? Heat rises. Finns have recognized this for generations. Elementary school students have an understanding of it. So do cats. SaunaTimes has been preaching this considering the fact that the 2014 Perfect Sweat Summit.

Now it’s up to you.

You can make this quite effortless modify to your sauna, together your journey of great sauna.

jarmo two fists
Jarmo Lehtola, previous President, Finnish Sauna Society, illustrating best sauna bench height: two fists length from head to ceiling at the 2014 Perfect Sweat Summit, San Francisco, CA

Why is placing two fists more than your head a way to measure fantastic sauna bench peak?

There is something known as the löyly pocket. And regardless of whether or not you may possibly get reprimanded for a law of löyly infraction, if your benches are established so that you can get two fists more than your head to the ceiling, well you are swimming in the clouds of the löyly pocket. When we toss drinking water on the rocks, the wave of steam rises up, together the ceiling and starts to settle downwards, more than our bodies.

We are all familiar with the phrase: “no löyly, no sauna.” This would make for a terrific bumper sticker. Especially for cars and trucks in parking heaps of individuals “sauna businesses” that opt for to offer wood lined boxed rooms (88% from China) with light bulbs or heaters that never incorporate rocks (88% from China) and connect with them saunas. We are also effectively acquainted that very good löyly would make excellent sauna. To encounter superior löyly, we have to get up into the löyly pocket.

As we all know, warmth rises. And if we have a great deal of room higher than our heads when sitting down on the bench, effectively “we are leaving a whole lot of warmth on the desk.” (Mike Norsdog, Opposite of Chilly).

Any one into excellent sauna builds their saunas to allow for for two fists around their head while sitting down on the sauna bench.

Two fists over your head is sauna bench peak 101

If you’re in a sauna that doesn’t have the benches established this way, get out your yellow card and blow your whistle. This is sauna creating 101. If you did not develop your sauna this way (and missed my book recommendations), perfectly really don’t get mad at me. Get out there and take care of it. Never believe me? Go get a stool, and set it on your upper bench, and just take a sauna round like you are a king on your possess thrown. Toss some h2o on your rocks, and “aaaahhhh” sense the difference? Truly feel the löyly as all the professionals experience löyly.

You don’t will need a tape measure to put two fists over your head

But if we’re chatting quantities, two fists over our head to the ceiling places our sauna benches about 44″- 47″ (112-120 cm) from the leading bench to the ceiling. Some choose a little additional wiggle area, say, an inch or two far more, to allow for for swinging a vihta, venek, or whisk department. And that’s just great.

Well being advantages and physique stressors

The sauna cognition concept states that the sauna we individual is the sauna we will defend. And if you want to protect the actuality that your benches are just fantastic down decreased in your sizzling room, I won’t argue it with you. Nevertheless sauna functions for you is up to you.

Nonetheless, remember the 2016 seminal research about the wellness benefits of sauna? Of course, you remember, the one particular from Dr. Jari Laukkanen that developed a firestorm of desire in sauna. And this is the same study that despatched a lot of yahoo’s into the sauna making small business. And these are the similar yahoo sauna builders that have nominal regard to the form of sauna that the 2,300 Finnish gentlemen collaborating in the research made use of for 20 years.

Nicely, most likely all 2,300 Finnish men sitting down in their saunas can set two fists more than their head whilst sitting down on the upper bench to the ceiling. Really don’t take my term for it. You can go to Eastern Finland and stop by with any 1 of the 2,300 Finnish adult males from the research. Odds are that they are however alive, and on the bench, as the research has revealed a 40% reduced risk in all induce mortality for individuals digging sauna 4 moments a 7 days.

If we are revved up about hormesis, distinction treatment, entire body stressors, brown unwanted fat output, heat shock proteins and mobile regeneration, nicely, we damn effectively improved get up there on the bench wherever all that motion comes about, with two fists previously mentioned our heads to the ceiling. You do not want to get all overall body pressured about it. In most situations, all you require is a compact drill to back again out the screws of your bench framework and reposition your benches.

Or perhaps it’s time to handle on your own to new sauna benches.

Sauna benches basking in the solar prior to installation.

It is not really hard to construct a excellent sauna! Occur on. Let’s at The very least get this proper.


  1. Samuli Kerrman, Iki Kiuas, CEO, who has advised on hundreds of sauna assignments in Finland, and whose father changed the sauna market globally with the rock encompass notion (wooden, then electrical): “According to developing regulations the minimum amount peak for a sauna area is 1900 mm. (75″). Normally anything at all involving 2000 mm (79″) to 2300 mm (91″) is very good. The home height influences power usage and improves heating time. As a result, home peak also influences the heater’s energy necessities. The needed electric power of the heater is calculated based on the cubic quantity of the sauna home. The recommended peak involving the higher bench and the ceiling is a most of 1200 mm (47″).”
  2. Dale Horihan, Functions Supervisor, Lamppa Production, maker of the Kuuma Stove, “When we recommend people creating their saunas, we usually have them start at the ceiling. We like to see the higher bench 44″-47″ from the ceiling. And start out there.”
  3. Glenn Auerbach, Founder, direct contributor, SaunaTimes.com, “I take into account Finland to be the epicenter for the finest saunas. I have been to Finland 3 situations in the past a few yrs, using sauna with pros, with the specific curiosity in finding out about making the quite ideal saunas. For the duration of 50 saunas in 12 times, I’m reminded of working day two, which incorporated a number of of the saunas at the Finnish Sauna Modern society. Every of the saunas, expertly created, have bench heights established so I am in a position put two fists above my head, with just a minor wiggle area.”

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