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Down with the anti-democratic Sri Lankan presidential

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Down with the anti-democratic Sri Lankan presidential

The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) denounces the vote scheduled in the Sri Lankan parliament on July 20 to elect a new president as a fraud and a conspiracy in opposition to the working class, youth and rural lousy. The parliament does not in any way depict the political sentiments and pursuits of the doing the job masses, that is, the absolute vast majority of modern society.

Masses in front of the Presidential Secretariat on Monday, July 11, 2022 [Photo: WSWS]

The “vacancy” for president is the end result of mass functioning-class strikes and the big July 9 rebellion in Colombo city that compelled the Gotabhaya Rajapakse to flee the nation and later on tender his resignation. Now, underneath the country’s anti-democratic constitution, the parliament will convene to decide on the subsequent president—a post that has sweeping autocratic powers.

Just one of the most notable slogans in the previous 3 months of mass protests is “down with the 225”—that is, all 225 associates of parliament. Though protest leaders shut to the opposition events have attempted to engage in down the slogan, its reputation objectively expresses a rejection of the overall parliamentary program of the previous 75 several years.

The slogan has struck a deep chord due to the fact successive parliaments, absolutely divorced from the masses, are liable for the deterioration of the living circumstances to intolerable degrees. When it will come to the existing parliament it has no political legitimacy to have on, enable by itself to elect a president. All parliamentarians and all functions, whichever their political complexions, have manifestly betrayed their election promises throughout the general election in 2020

When the mass protests erupted about the state in April, the central demand from customers was for the resignation of previous President Gotabhaya Rajapakse and his brother, previous Primary Minister Mahinda Rajapakse. When Mahinda Rajapakse was forced to step down on May perhaps 9 following mass strikes and protests, President Rajapakse replaced him with Ranil Wickremesinghe, a corrupt political hack and leader of the rump, proper-wing United Countrywide Social gathering (UNP).

Wickremesinghe, who has a extensive report as a lackey of US imperialism and implementing the austerity demands of the Worldwide Financial Fund (IMF), is greatly despised. The UNP dropped all of its seats in the 2020 basic election, and Wickremesinghe, only scraped into parliament by way of the party’s national listing.

But this detested determine was put in anti-democratically, 1st as prime minister, then very last Friday sworn in as performing president. Now, with the backing of sections of the political and corporate elites, he is campaigning for parliament to make him the up coming president. It is little speculate that demonstrations demanding his resignation have been strengthening and spreading.

Ranil Wickremesinghe [Source: United National Party Facebook]