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Immunodermatology is the field which deals immune related skin lesions such as LE, Phemhigoid, pemhigus Vulgaris, Lichen Planus.Alopecia Aerata and Cicatricial alopecia. Paediatric dermatologist is a dermatologist experienced with neonates and children skin disease. Dermatology field is related with ACNE TREATMENT which mostly affects most of the individuals during their lifetime especially during puberty, pregnancy and hormonal imbalanc. Multiplication of bacteria at the site because of presence of nidus due to over active nature of glands leads to acne and its varieties which may need proper treatment by DERMATOLOGIST OR SKIN SPECIALIST. PCOD has to be ruled out for females who are having excessive acne or resistant acne and Acne which are slow to respond to topical medication. The SKIN SPECIALIST may order few tests to rule out PCOD.

Hormonal profile along with ultrasound on 2Nd day of period may be advised to rule out PCOD. Females having facial hair or excessive body hair, with oily hair with or without dandruf, hair fall and excessive hair growth at unwanted places may give hint to SKIN SPECIALIST to rule out imbalance. Excessive weight gain at waist and thighs, truncal Acne and excessive dandruff may also be a sign of this problem. Such Acne are at times difficult to treat by Dermatologist and may leave Scars if not treated at time. It’s better to prevent acne formation then to follow a myth that everyone gets Acne during puberty and with time they will settle. Yes. In most of the cases they may settle but mostly by the time they subside they had already caused Acne Scars which are very difficult to treat.

Nowadays fractional lasers are used to treat Scars as they virtually have no downtime and no bleeding is there which gives good postoperative healing. Multiple sittings are needed for the same. Derma can also be suggested by SKIN SPECIALIST to treat such scars or a combination of peels, fractional laser and Derma may be done to soften the Scars. Acne in their severe form may also form cyst which are very difficult to treat with local medicine or ointment and may need injections of intralesional steroids by SKIN SPECIALIST. Acne may result in different form of scars like box Scars, rolled Scars, icepik Scars and they all respond differently to fractional laser treatment. Derma abrasions along with peeling may also be done. Sometimes subscision of Scars are needed to hasten healing and better outcome.

As the pioneer in non surgical hair restoration MEDIMAKEOVERS by Dr.Suruchi Puri has earned a distinct reputation. Treating HAIR LOSS IN FEMALES was a challenge as it involves various hormonal changes which a woman go through during her child bearing age, which also includes social and emotional changes also. As one the BEST DERMATOLOGIST IN DELHI, the aim was to satisfy the patient emotionally and medically through latest treatment modalities and technology. Being respected as one of the TOP DERMATOLOGIST IN DELHI, there are various options for females with hair loss or hair thinning. The treatment options may include RF, Mesotherapy which is done with a special medical gun without any pain and the results in decrease of hair loss can be seen after 4-8 sittings. As a BEST DERMATOLOGIST IN DELHI, the aim is to have procedures which have minimal or no pain, Mesotherapy is a good adjuvant for those females who are having hair loss. Diet improvement and some medical tests may be done to properly evaluate the female patient when she visits the clinic. A detailed consultation allows our DERMATOLOGIST IN DELHI to properly understand the reasons behind HAIR LOSS IN FEMALES. The clinic has all ultramodern equipments and lasers. Low wattage lasers can also be prescribed for patients having hair loss by the dermatologist along with Mesotherapy and solutions for daily applications.